How important is a label?  How much do we bother to read, or read into, a text printed on a t-shirt?  Do the words amplify our understanding of a person, or do they reduce our concept of that person to a stereotype?

I asked a wide variety of people of different ages and backgrounds to write a definition of themselves, which I later printed on several hundred black t-shirts.  Most of the definitions were thoughtful and complex.  The challenge of defining oneself through words calls into question not only who we are, but also how we see ourselves, how we want others to see us, even how we would like to be remembered.

I installed a booth for an exhibit on identity and clothing in the Albercartes Gallery in Cuernavaca.  Its presentation mimicked stands in the local market where clothing is sold.  On opening night, I played the part of vendor and offered them up for sale at 50 pesos a piece, or 80 for two.