Bright orange tape paths led the way from several mirrors inscribed with the question "Estamos aqui?" (Are we here?) posted around  downtown Cuernavaca, converging and ending at a mirror inside the gallery with the same phrase, stated as an affirmation, "Estamos aqui" (We are here).  Seen in the reflection of the mirror, sitting underneath the word "Elige" (choose), a shelf with 100 small pocket mirrors (popular merchandise from the adjacent underground market), invited guests to select and take a mirror for themselves.  Each pocket mirror displayed a personal pronoun (I, you, he, she, them, us), allowing the viewer to see not only themselves, but whoever else they chose to see in themselves.

Elige.  Installation at Zarco Galeria/Taller.  Mirrors and vinyl. 2004.

Personal Space

Collaborative work with fellow artist and partner, Gerardo Camargo.  We appropriated a variety of figures from "Tres de Mayo," a town in Mexico that specializes in low-temperature ceramics, and a common destination for newlyweds looking for objects to decorate their new home.  We arranged and intervened the objects to give them personal significance, making references to the painful, funny, and sometime perverse aspects of our marriage.


A growing collection of small, inexpensive objects that we have accumulated during our 13 year relationship.  The objects are mounted on overlapping circles drawn on the wall by using our 'wingspan.'